Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hidden Treasures @ Pearls Cafe'

Pearls Cafe' is a wonderful art showcase where food and art come togather.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cafe Blanc

Like most Jeddahians...Eating out is an Entertainment and Social Event on its own!!!

Date Night @ Java Lounge

Considering the limited options of socializing and hanging out publically, couples often run out of options of where to go. Well...I suppose that is true for anyone!! not just couples. So, I would share with you a  nice cafe, which in ambience and service makes you feel as if you are back to your date night;).....

Kiddie Time in Jeddah!

When time comes to actually choose a destination for Quality Family Bonding time, it may seem that your options are limited!However, once you explore, there is something for every one's liking. Personally, I miss Bull winkles, which used to be on Tahlia Street. Awesome arcade! However, since now I am a picky mom, I need to know what is best for my 3 year old.
This is why I will be writing a series of this topic. This of course being the first one......

Reading Heavens for kids!

Just came back from a wonderful dinner party at a friend’s place. There I meet another mother, who has inspired me to write this blog :)
While most people consider reading as a skill which will be developed in a child when he/she starts school, it should not be ignored till pre-school age. ....